Railways are the future.

A successful railway is the backbone of environmentally friendly transport in the future.
Schienen-Control is responsible for ensuring that rail transport is
  • freely available
  • affordable for everyone, and
  • an attractive alternative to other modes of transport.
Our aim is to see even more traffic is transferred to rail.


As an independent regulator we guarantee your right to non-discriminatory access to rail infrastructure and rail related services.




As a state-run arbitration board, we work ro protect your rights. The Agency for Passenger Rights (apf) is a department of Schienen-Control. Independent, simple and free of charge – it is the task of apf to help passengers obtain justice.

Making a complaint



About Us

Schienen-Control GmbH was founded on 26 August 1999 to act as an independent regulatory body according to Article 30 of Directive 2001/14/EC. 100% of the shares in Schienen-Control GmbH have to be owned by the Republic of Austria.