Independent arbitration board

Schienen-Control acts as an arbitrator to ensure that railway companies and integrated ticket organisations listen to their customers' concerns. It focuses on customer friendliness, punctuality as well as fair and transparent ticket prices and terms and conditions. The high success rates achieved through arbitration procedures are proof of its assertive power and help ensure greater quality in railways travel.

Passenger complaints

  • Missed your connecting train?
  • More than 60 minutes late?
  • Ticket cancelled but your money wasn't refunded?

Schienen-Control will help you assert your rights when you can't come to an agreement with the railway company or integrated ticket organisation.

Passenger rights

The arbitration board's new folder for passenger rights explains your rights and obligations as a passenger. It tells you about the arbitration procedure and who to contact in the complaints departments at the railway companies and integrated ticket organisations. The folder is available in German.